Diediedie by unknown

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    • Distorted - Fuzzy - Grunge/Trash - Handwriting - Multi-lined
    • 1.0 -Created 10/22/01 ©2001 Static Type (geocities.com/statictype) -by Mike Emory ©2001 Static Type Foundry www.geocities.com/humanxmas Diediedie is an evil font. Don't accept any packages from this font. If this font shows up on your doorstep in the middle of the night, call the cops. This font sits alone at night under the light of a small desk lamp and writes people's names down on a list. I don't know what this list is for, but I definitely don't trust it. This font collects women's undergarments from the local thrift stores. I've never asked it what it does with them, and I don't plan to. Check out alt-0192 to alt-0211 for a few surprises. And listen to my band- geocities.com/humanxmas This font is free for personal use. Don't use this font for any commercial work without emailing me for licensing terms- statictype@yahoo.com Te cuidado por los chupacabras.
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    site moderator koeiekat
    Dec 10th, 2006 / quote /
    Well, Mike Emory said it all. We may need a new category: Something like 'Trash', like out there?

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