Melisende Handwriting Script by unknown

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    • Version 1.00 January 27, 2008, initial release Typeface © (your company). 2008. All Rights Reserved This font was created using FontCreator 5.6 from
    • Contains 230 characters in
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    Feb 2nd, 2008 / quote /
    Just made this font of my own handwriting... useful if you ever need a messy scrawl which doesn't follow many of the rules that normal handwriting is supposed to.

    I did most of the special symbols from the basic unicode thing, although they get progressively messier and less polished... The accented letters (é,á etc) are all okay, though, and all the punctuation is present and correct.
    Feb 3rd, 2008 / quote /
    Where is your font available for download, Lizzy, and what software did you use to make it?
    site moderator koeiekat
    Feb 3rd, 2008 / quote /
    Bob, you have to wait a while until Alex has checked it out. Then it will be available for download.

    After you upload a font please check the relevant category/ies. Otherwise it will be very hard to find for others. Thanks for the font.
    Feb 3rd, 2008 / quote /
    For Lizzie:

    Please send a copy of your font to LucDevroye by e-mail:

    Luc maintains the Internet's largest database of font and typographical data. His main page is:

    Luc may ask you for some brief biographical data to update the font designers page. Your font would also appear on the Latest Links page for approximately one month.

    You can also find fourteen of my fonts there, in the font hosting (for others) link under the 'My Own Struff' topic.
    site moderator koeiekat
    Feb 3rd, 2008 / quote /
    Lizzy, before you follow up on bob's suggestion, open your font again in Font Creator, goto format naming and change the copyright notice (and if you like also the trademark) - both in Macintosh and Microsoft. Then, under both, goto advanced and change the description. Having done all that the font is really truly yours.
    Then zip it and mail it to Alex so that he can replace it here.

    Yes, nice messy hand. Thanks,
    Feb 3rd, 2008 / quote /
    Lizzy, koeiekat's suggestion is a good one. If you have already submitted your font to Luc without including the designer information, however, he would still list you in type designers the same way. Most of the new fonts that appear at in particular are lacking the designer information, but he tracks down that information. Providing it to him in advance saves him a lot of time.

    If you are making the changes suggested by koeiekat, you may also want to change the version of your font from 1.0 to 1.1, and uninstall version 1.0 from your installed fonts folder before installing the new one, or you may run the risk of corrupting both versions.I ran into this problem myself when I was doing test versions of one of my fonts.

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