1971 by Chris Burgess

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    Jul 23rd, 2008 / quote /
    This font is based loosely upon one of those old toys from the 1970's: Mattel's Tuff Stuff Alphabet and Number Blocks. I am the author of this font. Check out my other font "Country Regular"
    Jul 24th, 2008 / quote /
    I forgot to add something else. The 1971 font is not sliced. I did not slice it. Must have something to do with the way it's displayed on this web site.
    site moderator alex
    Jul 24th, 2008 / quote /
    Did you use fontstruct to create this font? Doesn't it use building blocks to create characters?

    Looks like all the extra path info screwing with this standard Linux font rendering software as it appears to be ok on Windows XP.
    Jul 24th, 2008 / quote /
    Yes I did use FontStruct to create this font. I like using it because now I can make fonts. Is there something wrong?

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