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    • Version 3.4000 2005 © 2000-2004 Ray Larabie, Sergey Kazakov & Paul Kravchenko . All rights reserved. Updated in 2005. . This font is freeware. Read attached text file for details. Info & updates visit Donations gratefully accepted at Also visit my commercial type foundry at Baveuse is a trademark of Ray Larabie. Original design by Ray Larabie, from Larabie Fonts. Cyrillic characters by Sergey Kazakov & Paul Kravchenko. Larabie Fonts is able to offer unique free fonts through the generous support of visitors to the site. Making fonts is my full-time job and every donation, in any amount, enables me to continue running the site and creating new fonts. If you would like to support Larabie Fonts visit for details. ------------------------------- Larabie Fonts End-user license agreement software product from Larabie Fonts --------------------------------------------------- SOFTWARE PRODUCT LICENSE The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed, not sold. 1. GRANT OF LICENSE. This document grants you the following rights: - Installation and Use. You may install and use an unlimited number of copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. You may copy and distribute unlimited copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT as you receive them, in any medium, provided that you publish on each copy an appropriate copyright notice. Keep intact all the notices that refer to this License. And give any other recipients of the fonts a copy of this License along with the fonts. 2. DESCRIPTION OF OTHER RIGHTS AND LIMITATIONS. - You may modify your copy or copies of the fonts or any portion of it, provided that you also meet all of these rules: a) Do not alter in any way alphamumerics(eq. a-z, 1-9) contained in the font
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