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    • 2000; 0.0, initial release Copyright (c) Rolling Seas Fonts (rollingseas@nzwebs.com), 2000. All rights reserved. JulesLove is a trademark Rolling Seas Fonts. www.urgentartwork.co.nz The JulesLove font has been inspired by New Yorker Keith Haring, how I adore him and his stuff. If you know him, maybe the letters with the radiating hearts remind you of him. I would be delighted if they did. These letters are also able to be coloured in, and should be - brightly and boldly. The JulesLove font stands next to the other julesart fonts: julesgirltalk, JULES P.C. WIMMIN, JulesWriting and julesdingz. If you love this font, please check out the julesart website, which specialises in artyfarty stuff. www.urgentartwork.co.nz/freefonts.htm This font is not free, this is Valentines Card-ware. Please participate. Show your appreciation by sending at any time of the year, a valentines day card or poem, handmade or other, to the designer: Julianne Pearce P O Box 207, Levin 5500, New Zealand If you love these fonts, please join the julesart announcement list, to find out when new fonts are released! www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/julesart www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/julesart
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