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    Font Identification Help!!!!!
    Jan 5th, 2007 / quote / 68.4.*.1*
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    Does anyone know the font used in the Beverly Hills Hotel sign? I have seem a couple of similar ones, Easter Parade and Iphengenia, but I was wondering if someone knows of a font closer to the original. Thanks
    rottenartexternal link
    Jan 5th, 2007 / quote / 68.97.*.1*
    Certainly hand drawn.

    Try Automobile, Alako Bold, Brody, Dyspepsia, Deftone Stylus (ofr a bolder one) for some close looks...
    site moderator Heron2001
    Jan 5th, 2007 / quote / 64.203.*.1*
    It's a logo - no font
    but this thread offers a few more fonts that are pretty close
    site moderator neogrey
    Jan 9th, 2007 / quote / 213.91.*.1*
    Again, take a look at the Sign Painter Collection from House Industries:


    House Casual:
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 9th, 2007 / quote / 88.11.*.7*
    Certainly the same feeling, the House Casual. But, something entirely different. Not always wise to argue with the Heron ...
    site moderator Heron2001
    Jan 9th, 2007 / quote / 64.203.*.1*
    I guess my reputation precdes me...
    site moderator koeiekat
    Jan 9th, 2007 / quote / 88.19.*.1*
    May 21st, 2007 / quote / 144.135.*.2*
    sorry to burst the bubble...and i am still very new at this but i cant help but notice that the two capital B's are identical...and the two l's in hills are identical the only thing that doesnt work for me is that the other two larger l's are not the same or even the same as the other two. and the smaller l in bungalow is different again...the e's are all different...i dont almost seems like a font but i dont know....
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    May 22nd, 2007 / quote / 91.142.*.1*
    Got excited about the search-term ”Parade«, eh, Jade?
    May 23rd, 2007 / quote / 144.135.*.2*
    lol...yeah i did a bit...spent two full days goin psycho tryin to find it lol...
    site moderator koeiekat
    May 23rd, 2007 / quote / 88.11.*.2*
    Hmmm ... took me 3 minutes ... that is, to find it
    site moderator Schwalbenkoenig
    May 24th, 2007 / quote / 80.120.*.9*
    Well, like I said, that would probably be not legal. The URW in the name shows the foundry: URW++.
    site moderator koeiekat
    May 24th, 2007 / quote / 88.24.*.1*
    Just mumbling about 2 days and going psycho for something that takes a few minutes ...

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