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    Tackle twill looking font?
    Nov 21st, 2008 / quote / 76.5.*.2*
    Does anyone know of a font that has the look of a stitched on tackle twill letter? Any help appreciated.
    JBFedoraexternal link
    Nov 21st, 2008 / quote / 24.1.*.1*
    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for, but you might try Singer Mears

    Edit kk:
    Justin, nice find and a really hard to find one!

    I have removed your link to an unfriendly font site and submitted the font to Abstractfonts to make sure that this font does not disappear from the web.

    No offense meant!
    site moderator koeiekat
    Nov 22nd, 2008 / quote / 83.33.*.4*
    Neither am I. But if Justin's suggestion suits you, you may also be interested in AK-Applique Black and White. Be aware of the license (scroll down):
    ★★★Terms of Use My Fonts★★★
    These fonts are free to use in any private, recreational manner.
    And you cannot use in a commercial manner if you do not understand Japanese.
    I never permit to redistribute or copy these fonts.
    Please do not include these fonts on any CD-Roms.
    Never put these font files or archives up on the web for download!!
    JBFedoraexternal link
    Nov 22nd, 2008 / quote / 24.1.*.1*
    kkat, no offense taken. I'm glad our joint efforts kept this font alive. Thanks for your help!
    Nov 24th, 2008 / quote / 76.5.*.2*
    Hey...Thank you very much once again. Singer Mears is the closest that I've seen so far. Tackle twill letters generaly have a zigzag stitch on the outside of the letters but I never expected to find a perfect match. I'm having a hard time navigating that Japanese site, but thanks for that one too.
    Nov 24th, 2008 / quote / 76.5.*.2*
    I just managed to find AK Applique...very nice font! Thanks.

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