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    comment Bombshell.
    comment The Bickham Script is a commercial font Anette, so you have to buy it.
    comment OK folks, it took a while but guess what did I stumble upon an hour ago? Yes, yes the complete alphabet. Rush to the library and get yourself the book Original Gems of Penmanship by Williams and Packard, published by D. Appleton in New York in 1867. Go to pages 45 and 46 and ... bingo, the Ribbon Alphabet! Scan grayscale at very high resolution like 4800 dpi and voilà. https://archive.org/stream/WilliamsAndPackardGemsOfPenmanship/Williams%20and%20Packard%20-%20Gems%20of%20Penmanship#page/n45/mode/1up
    comment ?
    comment What ECE students ?
    comment That would be the Crillee.
    comment Not a font. Handwritten.
    comment Who is the supplier of that embroidery file? I ask because in this case they are the ones who are the thief. EULA/TOU: Version 2.10 June 3, 2012 © koeiekat 2012 All Rights Reserved. koeiekat.com Curly monogram letter based on Victorian Initials. Capital letters and raised small caps only. Free for strictly private use only. Use for any other purpose, including web embedding requires a license. Contact koeiekat at koeiekat.com. The @ :) Private use: Any use that is strictly private and not in any way related to commercial activities, not-for-profit included. Examples: A personal website or blog that does not contain advertisements or pay-per-click links, your school homework or course work, your own birthday or other invitations (made and printed by you), family scrapbooks and so on. Not private use: Any use that is not strictly private. Thus any use related to anything that has a commercial purpose, including non-profit. Examples: Business websites, portfolio websites, school websites, church websites, logos, business cards, letterheads, brochures, leaflets, posters, merchandise, t-shirts, books, magazines, retail packaging, advertisements, TV broadcast and movie credits and so on. Redistribution of this font is not allowed without the written consent of the copyright holder, koeiekat.
    comment DeLayne Dean of On the Side Designs is using my font Monogram KK, renamed to KK Script, commercially without my permission. That is called theft. Edit kk As is clear from the following post by Delayne Dean it is not her/him that is the thief but her/his supplier.
    comment That is the Plush. Look here: http://www.fontalicious.com/project/plush
    comment That is the Thaleia with a modified J to make that T.
    comment You've got mail :)
    comment Because we don't sit behind this screen 24/7. That's why.
    comment @Markhere Answers are only given in this forum.
    comment That pict is not a font.
    comment [quote]@AAK:Thanx but its face is same with Blair but i need textured font as in image.....[/quote] Then make it [img]http://www.dafont.com/img/smileys/mad.gif[/img]
    comment view details for free font #15564 Pretty sure they will. It is unique, has an extensive character set and four faces. We have seen less over there. Other thing, you still have the possibilities for a great alts set available. Go!!
    comment view details for free font #15564 :)
    comment Very weird if not extremely weird. Yet Lizzy, if this is a bot test you'll be 3 feet under before you know what is happening :) Verstanden?