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    comment view details for free font #11916 Anything inspired by KMFDM has got to be awesome. :D
    comment view details for free font #6288 This one almost gives me a headache- but in a good way. :D
    comment There we go- awesome, font successfully submitted, thanks again. :D
    comment Thanks a lot- hopefully it'll work!
    comment Actually, I'm currently at my grandma's house, and she uses Safari- I did experience this a couple other times and clicking on the white space fixed it, but it doesn't seem to be working with my grandma's computer. I'll see if she's got any other browsers I could use, see if it works for them...
    comment Hey, I need some help... I'm trying to submit a font, and it lets me upload the file but after that point I'm stuck. It just says "select a default font file" but even when I click on the little box next to the font to select it, it doesn't change or let me finish submitting. It's weird- it's the first time it's done this, even though I just submitted another one without any problems right before it. What's going on?