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    comment Does anyone know what font was used for the lower case letters and numbers. The upper case is Vergennes. I was looking at Adobe Garamond italic and Caslon italic OSF, but they aren't a true match. Thanks, Merrill
    comment This is a font used by an invitation company. Does anyone know what it might be. They call it Doric Text. Thanks, merrill
    comment Hi again, I feel even stupider seeing the typos that I just had in my previous posting. I guess it is from the excitement of finding out about Galahad alternates.
    comment Thank yoi so much for responding. I knew the font looked like Galahad, which I have. But, I did not know there was an alternate font, and I knew th "N" was not Galahad. Thank syou so much for figuring this out. On a separate note, I am so embarassed with the scan that I posted. I actually didn't make the scan, an associate of mine did, and I just forwarded what she sent me. But, in the future I will be sure to not send such an awful posting. I agree, it was terrible!!! Merrill
    comment I am having trouble idetifying this one. Does anyone know it? Thanks, Merrill
    comment It looks like a font called ImperatorSmallCaps...Hope this helps...Merrill
    comment I love being able to help...this is Foliar Initials
    comment Hi Umair, This is Sign Painter from House Industries.
    comment Actually, there is a very good chance that this is a handwritten font. This particular invitation company, called Mr. Boddingtons, has fonts that were made from their own handwritings. I just wasn't sure with this one. Thanks, Merrill
    comment Thanks Heron2001. I actually have the fonts you mentioned I look at. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact match. I honestly think the printer used the font Chunder and then made their own changes in a font program. Your suggestions were great, but I needed identical for this one. Merrill
    comment I am pretty sure this font was crated by the invitation company. I am using a font called Chunder. I have adjusted it,making it thinner and taller. Thanks for your help...Merrill
    comment Does anyone have an idea of what this font is. Do you have a suggestion of what I could use? I am not looking for a free font
    comment i think this is zapfino one
    comment I have a font called Monika Italic, and it looks pretty close. I think you can find it for free online.
    comment I think this is Scriptina, and there are free vesions online.
    comment I think it is a commercial font called Inspiration by Rob Leuschke
    comment Hi Michelle, I would love to hear more about what you do. If you want you can email me at
    comment That is so funny....I am in Bayside, Queens
    comment Hi Michelle...I have the same kind of business. Where are you located?
    comment What do you need the font for? Do you work with invitations?