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    comment Is it possible that I can't id the font because it is a custom font? Does anyone recognize this font?
    comment I thought this was Brush Script at first. Can anyone tell me if this is it's own font or if it's a modified Brush Script?
    comment ? view details for free font #10065 Thank you for the help! :)
    comment okay, sorry about that. Thank you for the help.
    comment I can't seem to match this font to anything. I get sort of close...
    comment uploaded image Does anyone know this font?
    comment thank you once again for your help.
    comment uploaded image Hopefully this one is more clear
    comment I thought it might be Market Deco or Binner Gothic, but those aren't quite it.
    comment thank you everyone for your help. the font is indeed Ashley Crawford. ;)
    comment www.brandsoftheworld.com. I find a lot here.
    comment When I tried to import the file, the name showed as "61-Normal". I cannot find this font anywhere. Does anyone know if it goes by another name?