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    7 matches comment view details for free font #13709 I created this font. I put it on dafont.com and abstract just took it and is distributing it without, at the very least, even crediting me. Or even giving it a proper preview. you cant use the space bar before a capital letter you morons. Kirk Shelton www.dafont.com
    6 matches comment Does anyone by chance know where to purchase this font for commercial use? Or does anyone know of another font very close to it that I can purchase somewhere? I REALLY need help!!
    5 matches comment Finally i got around to cleaning up the encoding issues that resulted in weird characters appearing within font info, after editing forum comments, image preview text, etc, etc... Special characters such as '©' were affected. If you notice any encoding issues from now on, please post a comment here.
    4 matches comment Well, you already have my vote, KKat. I'm always with the history. For the other forum: Rodolphe had also had big problems with external attacks. He explained it (shortly) while the whole site was down (and a substitute-page was installed temporarily). Unfortunately this line was dropped, when the site reopened. But, well, he is the Grand-Sacheem... PS: I explained the whole situation to you at the former Abstract-forum, but, well, it was wiped out - alas.
    1 matches comment Hi everyone! THe forum has been reinstated after some downtime. So start exchanging ideas and requests, solutions, etc... Alex Abstract Fonts
    1 matches comment Hi guys! I am excited to announce that i am in final development stages of AFM ( abstract fonts manager ) designed to make your life a little easier when it comes to managing your installed and stray fonts. here is a little teaser. Let me know what you think ;)
    1 matches comment I found it! After about an hour+ of browsing Abstract Fonts, I found the "Kim Possible" font. It's called "Vipnagogialla" (wow!), and is made by Larabie Fonts. It is under the "Normal Fonts" catagory, page 31 on the Abstract Fonts site.
    1 matches comment Can someone please identify the font used up at the top left of the page for the words "ABSTRACT FONTS?" Thank you in advance!
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello everyone I wanted to ask for your kind assistance in a question about Abstract Fonts itself. I'm new to the site and noticed that they have a "Pixel-Bitmap Font" catagory. My question is are these TRUE bitmap fonts (such as PNGs)? Or are they TTF/OTF fonts that happen to LOOK like bitmap fonts? I ask because I have a PNG bitmap font I have drawn up and would like to upload to the site. I embarked on this little project before I knew anything about TTF/OTF formats so I only have my glyphs in a bitmap form. They are rather large and of high resolution but still bitmaps. Would anyone here know if Abstract accepts such fonts? Thank you all!
    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me what font is used on the "AF" within the targeting circle on the Abstract fonts logo on the top left of the site? I was just wondering. For all I know, it is probably just a custom-made picture of those two letters, not two letters from a font set.

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