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    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Have also a look at the „Alte Haas Grotesk”. It's very close to the sans serif: http://www.dafont.com/alte-haas-grotesk.font (not on af listed) Bye bye
    1 matches comment Try these: 4990810 by Phillip Cavette Alte Haas Grotesk by yann le coroller Dirty Headline by Cumberland Fontworks Hotel Coral Essex by Pennyzine LL Rubber Grotesque by Markus Schröppel Mal de Ojo by Dynamite Printworks Silent Hell of Cheryl by SDFonts Union Agrochem by Polenimschaufenster Viper Nora by pOPdOG fONTS
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15012 Typeface Plakative Grotesk (english) A Geometric Poster Sans (german) Eine geometrische Plakat-Grotesk Bye Bye
    2 matches comment Hello to everyone! Guy, please help me, a realy need Berliner Grotesk Font, but a can not just buy it because it costs $59 :( and I can not afford to spend so much money on font :( Could you help me? Please. My e-mail: szymonkoszuta @ wp.pl edited by koeiekat: added spaces in email address to avoid Szymon to be spammed.
    1 matches comment Hello, [quote]@koeiekat:Too fuzzy.[/quote] Yes. But you can see a little bitt of taste of Drescher Grotesk. Note the Numbers, they differ very much from the Futura and other typefaces of this flavour. The capital Letters C and G differs and are unusual for 1920th geometric grotesks from Germany and there remakes from following decades. So ist might be a custom modified tyoeface based on the Drescher Grotesk oder Super Grotesk. Bye bye
    3 matches comment ? Salvete! This is my first post here. I have to match a commercial font called Neuzeit, and am looking for a free alternative. Here is Neuzeit: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/neuzeit-grotesk/ This one is very similar, but isn't free: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/neufville/futura-nd/ Any help would be appreciated!
    2 matches comment Hi All, Please can somebody help? I'm lookin or the above font (in Semi-Bold if possible however any of te styles would suit me!! If you could email the fonts to: kelhams@yahoo.com Thanks KEL
    1 matches comment Beverly Hills is Boomerang while the closest match for Guest Lodge is Paratype Reforma Grotesk
    2 matches comment The Europa Grotesk Bold and/or Berthold Standard BQ-Ex Bold seem to match. The Umlaut, however, has been modified so in the end it may be another font.

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    Alte Schwabacher BQ
    Alte Schwabacher D
    Alte Schwabacher Relief
    Alte Schwabacher Rounded
    Alte Schwabacher SB-Regular
    Alte Schwabacher EF Regular
    Alte Schwabacher EF Regular Dfr
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 1 Pack
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 15 XXThin
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 2 Pack
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 25 XThin
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 3 Pack
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 35 Thin
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 45 Light
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 55 Roman
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 56 Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 65 Medium
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 75 Bold
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 95 Black
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text 55 Roman
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text 56 Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text 65 Medium
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text 75 Bold
    EF Alte Schwabacher Regular
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Complete Family Pack
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 16 XXThin Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 26 XThin Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 36 Thin Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 46 Light Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 66 Medium Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 76 Bold Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display 96 Black Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Display Family Pack
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text 66 Medium Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text 76 Bold Italic
    Neue Haas Grotesk™ Text Family Pack
    Alte Schwabacher (D)
    EF Alte Schwabacher Volume
    SG Alte Schwabacher SB Regular
    EF Alte Schwabacher Regular DFR
    Now Grotesk
    Anzeigen Grotesk
    Anzeigen Grotesk D
    Barnaul Grotesk
    Kunstler Grotesk
    Messe Grotesk RR
    PT Quadrat Grotesk
    Quadrat Grotesk New
    Schelter Grotesk NF
    Wagner Grotesk SC
    Grotesk SSB-Book
    Grotesk SSB-Heavy
    Grotesk SSH-Book
    Grotesk SSH-Heavy
    DINNeuzeit Grotesk Std-Bd Cond
    DINNeuzeit Grotesk Std-Light
    Reforma Grotesk Demi
    Reforma Grotesk Light
    Reforma Grotesk Medium
    Fat Font Grotesk + Fat Font Grotesk Streamline Complete Family Pack
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Bold
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Condensed
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Extended
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Italic
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Light
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Medium
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Regular
    Akzidenz-Grotesk BQ Super
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Black
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Bold
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Italic
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Light
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Med
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next Regular
    Barnaul Grotesk Bold
    Barnaul Grotesk ExtraBold
    Barnaul Grotesk Italic
    Barnaul Grotesk Medium
    Berliner Grotesk Bold
    Berliner Grotesk BQ Bold
    Berliner Grotesk BQ Light
    Berliner Grotesk BQ Medium
    Berliner Grotesk Light
    Berliner Grotesk Medium
    Drescher Grotesk BT Bold
    Drescher Grotesk BT Book
    Drescher Grotesk BT Demi
    Drescher Grotesk BT Light
    Drescher Grotesk BT Roman
    HGB Grotesk Black
    HGB Grotesk Bold
    HGB Grotesk Light
    HGB Grotesk Medium
    HGB Grotesk SC Black
    Mizar Grotesk Bold
    Mizar Grotesk Book
    Mizar Grotesk Heavy
    Mizar Grotesk Light
    Mizar Grotesk-Regular
    Nat Grotesk Black

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