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    7 matches comment ! You're welcome...it's good to see that someone actually says Thank you when you help them...most of the people don't, which totally discourages us to help you.
    1 matches comment Halo, halohalo. HALO! Nice to see you here. Development is the Earth Normal. Ports I haven't found - yet ...
    1 matches comment Hello all This is my first ever post on this site. I would be grateful if you could help. Im looking to create a personal web site for myself and would love to know what font I can use which is similar to this. This particular one is unique and is not available. Here is the link : http://www.bungie.com/products/halo/halo.htm I used to have acccess to a techno-style font web site. Where the fonts avialable were in a futuristic style like, bladrunner,matrixaliens etc I'm tottaly new to graphics and this will be my first venture into all this. I'll be using adobe photoshop. Thanking you in adavance, Shaz
    2 matches comment Oh wow, first I thought this is done by hand. But when I strolled around i found Bad Angel Saint. Hmm, interesting. And it has the wings in it!
    3 matches comment Ok, i'm looking for a font i can use that looks like this logo. i do NOT need the A to have the halo, but i do want the letters to look like the rest of them. HELP?
    3 matches comment ? Hi I like the fonts that are used on Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. album.. can anyone identy both "Gwen Stefani" and "Love Angel Music Baby" on the cover? thank u
    1 matches comment OK the 3 main fonts used on the site as follows 1) The font that says "francias" is called "Halo" 2) The upper font in the logo is called "Abduction" 3) And the lower font in the logo is called "da bomb" and here are links to down load them Halo da bomb the link below is from this very site. long live abstractfonts Abduction let me know if this is ok BiG:D
    2 matches comment view details for free font #4093 I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 matches comment some of the Fenotype fonts look similar to the Motorhead lettering. Especially Futu and Halo. I'm thinking the font could be from a Japanese foundry. I know I have seen it before.
    2 matches comment DARK ANGEL FONT PAGE Check this link i think it will make you very happy. BiG;) Keep on fonting

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