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    1 matches comment Hi, have a look at "Auto" from Underware (NL): http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=Auto http://www.underware.nl/site2/index.php?id1=auto&id2=info Bye Bye
    1 matches comment heh, that DOES make sanse... :) sooo, zone erogene, dasklem, clement nicole, stereotype is all one? what would you say she would prefer to go by?
    1 matches comment No, we cannot see it. Is there no public zone at webshots? If so, then send me the image and I will put ist on my webspace and make a link here at fontomania. :) ute
    1 matches comment Hi, It's might/should be PAG AUTO: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/prop-a-ganda/pag-auto/ Bye bye
    1 matches comment Hi, everybody. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with this font or one as similar to it as possible. I want the part of text that says J-Zone[/b:7222f2bddf] at the top. I'm pretty sure some erosion effect was applied to the text, but I wouldn't mind having the regular version either. Hopefully somebody can help me out. [img:7222f2bddf]http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00006AAVM.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg[/img:7222f2bddf]
    2 matches comment what is the font called that is used in the GTA games (GTA III, vice city, san andreas) can someone help me please? thanks!
    2 matches comment Thanks, Heron. I ended up doing a search for "50s diner fonts". Kind of the look the customer was after and found a freeware font called Automobile which is pretty close. http://www.girlswhowearglasses.com/auto.html
    2 matches comment Proper kerning pairs are done by hand. If you find that too much work - yes it can take many, many, hours - use auto-kerning.
    2 matches comment the "vice city" is not a font. Note different 'i's. the "grand theft auto" font is called Pricedown: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=pricedown Enjoy
    1 matches comment i need this font for a website i am designing for a freind of myne

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    Zone 52
    Zone Common Regular
    Zone-Extra Bold
    Dead Zone Bold
    Dead Zone Medium
    Dead Zone Oblique
    Dead Zone Regular
    Free Zone Bold
    Free Zone Medium
    Free Zone Regular
    Zone Common Extra Bold
    Dead Zone Bold Oblique
    Dead Zone Medium Oblique
    Zone 52
    Auto 1 Black
    Auto 1 Black LF
    Auto 1 Black Sm Cp
    Auto 1 Bold
    Auto 1 Bold LF
    Auto 1 Bold Sm Cp
    Auto 1 Italic
    Auto 1 Italic LF
    Auto 1 Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 1 Light
    Auto 1 Light LF
    Auto 1 Light Sm Cp
    Auto 1 Regular
    Auto 1 Regular LF
    Auto 1 Regular Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Black
    Auto 2 Black LF
    Auto 2 Black Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Bold
    Auto 2 Bold LF
    Auto 2 Bold Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Italic
    Auto 2 Italic LF
    Auto 2 Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Light
    Auto 2 Light LF
    Auto 2 Light Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Regular
    Auto 2 Regular LF
    Auto 2 Regular Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Black
    Auto 3 Black LF
    Auto 3 Black Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Bold
    Auto 3 Bold LF
    Auto 3 Bold Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Italic
    Auto 3 Italic LF
    Auto 3 Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Light
    Auto 3 Light LF
    Auto 3 Light Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Regular
    Auto 3 Regular LF
    Auto 3 Regular Sm Cp
    PAG Auto
    Zone 1
    Zone 2
    Zone 3
    Lowery Auto
    Auto 1 Black Italic
    Auto 1 Black Italic LF
    Auto 1 Black Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 1 Bold Italic
    Auto 1 Bold Italic LF
    Auto 1 Bold Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 1 Light Italic
    Auto 1 Light Italic LF
    Auto 1 Light Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Black Italic
    Auto 2 Black Italic LF
    Auto 2 Black Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Bold Italic
    Auto 2 Bold Italic LF
    Auto 2 Bold Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 2 Light Italic
    Auto 2 Light Italic LF
    Auto 2 Light Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Black Italic
    Auto 3 Black Italic LF
    Auto 3 Black Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Bold Italic
    Auto 3 Bold Italic LF
    Auto 3 Bold Italic Sm Cp
    Auto 3 Light Italic
    Auto 3 Light Italic LF
    Auto 3 Light Italic Sm Cp
    Lowery Auto Fill
    Zone Common
    Zone Regular
    USF Auto National ID Plates Regular
    Zone Extra Bold
    Zone Extra Bold Common
    Zone Complete Family Pack
    PAG Auto Regular

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