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    14 matches comment big, that was very impressive! i loved the graphic. do you have the font already? if you do, can you email it to me? i might use it in the new issue of the DigitalJournal Magazine which i have to design soon... thanks and keep up the great job!!!
    12 matches comment How do you bookmark fonts, now? I haven't been here since the older layout and I'm totally lost!
    9 matches comment wow now i am ever to belivew that there is a internet fairy at work passed on the info to oxygen or our all mighty leader Da Man Alex is at work. good job alex or whom ever invited Oxyegen to the forum it shows you that the big boys are also willing to help us font-a-holics in time of need. I am way impressed much respect I will be on this forum for life :) BiG keep on fonting
    3 matches comment Hey, I'm making a title for a video we're making and I want to bite the intro from the big lebowski, I found the font for big, but the other one, the and lebowski, is proving quite difficult. If anyone knows what it is, or at least what category to look in that would be awesome. Thanks, Justin
    4 matches comment Sorry Utes and Alex I just miss read and jumped to a terribly wrong conclusion i am very sorry and hope i am forgiven. I hope there are no hard fellings and that we can all go on to make this forum grow and help even more in the new comming year. Once again sorry Utes it was just me being silly I sometimes don't think but i admire all the help you have given out and am proud to have my user name next to yours in a message from Alex and hope we can become friends. Keep on fonting and may we all be blessed in the new year to come. BiG Keep on fonting :)
    3 matches comment If you want to know why I need these fonts, you'll see the answer in one of the previous posts on this 'subject.' Anyway, I'm making a new movie and really need this particular font for the title. If My old friend Ute, or my new friend BiG or maybe someone else could help me, I'd really appreciate it. Here's the picture:[/b:5ebc5c0176]
    2 matches comment Big, thank you so much !!! I got the font and bookmarked the site :) - - - Fair
    4 matches comment I'm sure Big Brother will give you an overwhelming answer ... ask for uncial, unciaal and celtic plus font
    4 matches comment I have searched high and low and have been unable to find free links to any of your requested fonts and i don't have them my self so only hope others may be able to help more. Sorry:( BiG
    2 matches comment Great! Good to have you back big! I really should have sent out a little message saying that the forum is back online. There are lots of people big who need help. Since AF became the largest free fonts site on the planet i started getting quite a traffic ;) take care and will see you around!!!

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    Big Rainice
    Big Rainicespecial
    Big Rainspecial
    Big Chuck
    Big Mom
    Big Rain
    Big Apple NF
    Big Boy
    Big Brush One
    Big Brush Two
    Big Clyde GD
    Big Iron
    Big Limbo BT
    Big New Sign
    Big Stuff
    Big Stuff SC
    Hera Big
    Really Big Shoe NF
    Big Mom Bottom
    Big Mom Outline
    Big Mom Shadow
    Big Mom Special
    Big Mom Thin
    Big Mom Top
    Big Black Xtra
    Big Boy Outline
    Big Boy Sm Cap
    Big Boy Stencil
    Hera Big Black
    Hera Big Bold
    Hera Big ExtraLight
    Hera Big ExtraThin
    Hera Big Light
    Hera Big SemiBold
    Hera Big Thin
    Big Mom Alt Caps
    Big Mom Alt Caps 2
    Big Mom Alt End
    Big Mom Special Caps
    Big Bad Bold BB
    Big Noodle Titling
    Big Tent Players NF
    Big Black Cross Xtra
    Big Black Gloss Xtra
    Big Black Grey Xtra
    Big Black Grey Xtra Two
    Big Black Kimono Xtra
    Big Black Shadow Xtra
    Big Black Shadow Xtra Two
    Big Black White Xtra
    Big Black White Xtra Two
    Hera Big Black Italic
    Hera Big Bold Italic
    Hera Big ExtraLight Italic
    Hera Big ExtraThin Italic
    Hera Big Light Italic
    Hera Big Regular Italic
    Hera Big SemiBold Italic
    Hera Big Thin Italic
    Big Mom Bottom Alt Caps
    Big Mom Bottom Alt End
    Big Mom Full Alt Caps
    Big Mom Outline Alt End
    Big Mom Shadow Alt Caps
    Big Mom Shadow Alt End
    Big Mom Special Alt End
    Big Mom Thin Alt Caps
    Big Mom Thin Alt End
    Big Mom Top Alt Caps
    Big Mom Top Alt End
    CPCompanyFlash Big
    Big Stuff SC
    Big Bad Bold BB Italic
    Big Noodle Block Titling
    Big Noodle Titling Oblique
    Freight Big Pro Black
    Freight Big Pro Bold
    Freight Big Pro Book
    Freight Big Pro Light
    Freight Big Pro Medium
    Freight Big Pro Semibold
    Big Stuff Regular
    Big Vesta™ Light
    Big Fella Regular
    Big Vesta 1 Volume
    Big Vesta 2 Volume
    Big Vesta 3 Volume
    Big Vesta™ Black
    Big Vesta™ Bold
    Big Vesta™ ExtraBold
    Big Vesta™ Italic
    Big Vesta™ Medium
    Big Vesta™ Regular
    Big Vesta™ SemiBold
    Big Chump BTN
    Freight Big Pro Black Italic
    Freight Big Pro Bold Italic
    Freight Big Pro Book Italic
    Freight Big Pro Light Italic
    Freight Big Pro Medium Italic

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