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    2 matches comment [quote]@Heron2001:I'm sure abstractfonts.com has a help section for this.[/quote] Sure it has. Click Website and help and you are there. [quote]@Heron2001:You might want to consider changing your name.[/quote] And right again Heron. On the other hand, CI, maybe better you wait till you have explored the help files of you operating system and your software. Those things are there for a reason: they help you find the answers on how to do things with a computer.
    3 matches comment Thanks Heron2001 but I don’t think that its quite right. The top of the 'M' is different. Any other suggestions or has it been 'messed' with? Regards Gary
    1 matches comment Bravo, Nicole. Your solutions look good to me.
    1 matches comment Heron2001: Many Thanks! You can't believe how much you've helped...
    1 matches comment Hi Heron2001, thanks for the id on that one, much appreciated Kind Reagrds Gary
    1 matches comment Wow - that was fast! Thankyou very much Heron2001!
    1 matches comment Heron2001... Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! The font is Garamond (if you are wondering)... Thanks again! Bye!
    1 matches comment And, for those interested, the Snell also lives under these names: Bravo Script, Cursive Elegant, Cygnet Round, Heil Script, Rose Round, Roundhand, Script Roundhand, Shell, Signet and Snellbound. And the list is not complete.
    1 matches comment That's awesome! Thanks so much Heron2001.. I've been looking forever for this!
    2 matches comment [quote]@Heron2001:The font you are looking for is called Patches and it is available right here: [/quote] good one! (now available here, here as well, :) )

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