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    3 matches comment cruel blood
    3 matches comment Can any of you tell me what this font is? Thanks!! It was embroidered but it had to be punched and they want to add lettering to the logo, that is why I need to know! thanks!
    1 matches comment Nah ... $22!! I may assume that is less that half an hour fee. Get the thing, torture it and the price of torturing just went up with $22, A bargain, I'd say, for an extra half hour of torturing ...
    1 matches comment Oh, I just wanted it cos it's used for the Camp Rock logo too! it's okay
    1 matches comment That, DJ, would be the Staccato222 by Bitstream. Modified 'v'. Half lower, half uppercase. Don't confuse it with the Mistral. They look identical but for one, in the Staccato (a Mistral clone) the capital X has been flipped vertically. Some do weird things to find their way around copyright issues. Also Bitstream thus.
    1 matches comment ? True Blood DVD has a unique setting, interesting characters and the main ones are likable as well, good script, great storyline - even a sense of humor.The main vampire, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)is suitably dark, handsome, brooding and maybe even just a little bit scary.The female lead, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) is delightful, pretty, spirited and very likable.I'm quite interested in seeing how their romance will develop. www.dvdboxroom.com
    3 matches comment Any clues? I love the font but the internet is not being very helpfull :( Any ideas?
    2 matches comment yea, that's what it was, here's the link, scrll down to Blood Omen 2: http://www.dafont.com/theme.php?cat=804
    1 matches comment right. its like getting blood from a turnip when you want people to kick down some cheese for a font.

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    Camp Granada NF
    Blood V1
    Blood V2
    Blood V3
    Blood V4
    Bucket O\' Blood
    Bucket O\' Blood Italic
    Half Flower1 Italic
    Half Flower
    Half Flower 2
    Half Full NF
    Detective Maurice Blood
    Half Flower 2 Bold
    Half Flower 2 Italic
    Half Flower 2 Shadow
    Detective Maurice Blood Alt
    Bucket O' Blood BB Complete Family Pack
    Penumbra Half Serif Std-Se Bd
    Dark Half BTN
    Half Flower 1
    Penumbra Half Serif Std-Bold
    Penumbra Half Serif Std-Light
    Penumbra Half Serif Std-Reg
    LHF Antique Half Bock
    Half Flower 2 Bold
    Half Flower 1 Italic
    Half Flower 2 Italic
    Half Flower 2 Shadow
    Half Flower Regular 2
    Dark Half BTN Bold
    Dark Half BTN Cond
    Dark Half BTN Ext
    Dark Half BTN Oblique
    Slug Half
    Baker Half Bare
    Baker Half Dozen
    Baker Half White
    Dark Half BTN Bold Oblique
    Dark Half BTN Cond Bold
    Dark Half BTN Ext Bold
    Society Half Case
    Kakeroon Half Bevel
    Society Half Case Angular
    Baker Half Bare-Bold
    Baker Half Dozen-Bold
    Baker Half White-Bold
    Cusp Half Round
    Hickory Half Fill
    Sideshadow-Half Light
    Society Half Case
    El Paso Pro Half
    Espesor Olas Half
    Penumbra™ Half Serif Bold
    Penumbra™ Half Serif Light
    Penumbra™ Half Serif Regular
    Penumbra™ Half Serif SemiBold
    Cusp Half Round Oblique
    Society Half Case Angular
    Hickory Half Fill
    Sailors Tattoo-half-fill
    Gold Std Italic Fill Half
    Apple Pie Half Fill
    Gold Standard Fill Half
    Main Strike Half Fill
    Rodeo Clown Half Fill
    Apple Pie Half Fill
    Main Strike Half Fill
    Rodeo Clown Half Fill
    Sailors Tattoo Pro Half A
    Sailors Tattoo Pro Half B
    Sailors Tattoo Special-half
    Sailors Tattoo Waves Half
    Half Flower 1+2 Complete Family Pack
    El Paso Half
    Half Flower 2 Complete Family Pack
    Cusp Half Round
    Cusp Half Round Oblique
    Carry On Screaming Regular
    CC Meltdown Regular
    Phil Yeh Complete Family Pack
    Incy Wincy Spider Regular
    Forked Tongue Complete Family Pack
    P22 Hoy Set
    P22 Elven Regular
    P22 Hoy Regular
    AT Move Mezzo Regular
    Penumbra HalfSerif Volume

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