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    1 matches comment The orville redenbacher gourmet popping corn script looks a lot like copperplate, but copperplate doesn't have any lowercase letters, like in the logo.
    2 matches comment CEMENT is Copperplate Gothic
    1 matches comment RSVP is Avalon. The text seems to be the Copperplate Gothic. Edit kk: Probably the Copperplate Gothic Bold.
    4 matches comment I believe I see serifs, which would make the Copperplate Gothic a possibility. Except for the c - which does not seem to have serifs. Are they all mixed up? Have a look at their site ...
    1 matches comment Copperplate Gothic Bold: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/copperplate-gothic/bold/ My guess is that you probably already have it on your computer. Check and see before you buy.
    1 matches comment Here what we have is Copperplate Gothic, a Bitstream classic. -T
    2 matches comment Thanks for your help. It is indeed copperplate. I searched through my old coreldraw cd and it was on it! Thanks again, you've really helped alot! Bas
    1 matches comment OK for one time a fraktur just because the Swallow is on holidays. I know of 2 that give the same impression but they are certainly not a perfect match. The first one is the 66, Copyright 1994 COSMI, which has different capitals but is almost a perfect match for the lowercase. The second one is the Carol which is a Classic Font Company font with capitals that are more similar as your sample - but still not as ornamental - but with a different lowercase charset. I'll see whether I can find a better match based on the 66 lowercase chars.
    2 matches comment hi guys i am looking or these 2 fonts 1. still,somebody has told me that it could be Copperplate Gothic Bold but letter S is wrong i did try light and regular but is still not right... 2.grafica industria.... thanks and have nice day
    1 matches comment 'lounge' looks like copperplate gothic

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