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    1 matches comment Hey, all... I'm looking for a font that comes as close as possible to the "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" logotype font. Attached is an example.
    4 matches comment I am trying to match the font that is used for the Masters Logo. Hoping it is a free one... any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    2 matches comment Hoping that you won't use it for counterfeit...it's Univers http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/univers/
    1 matches comment I'd say Univers by Adrian Frutiger.
    1 matches comment Univers Condensed
    2 matches comment Univers a substitute for Glypha? Glypha is an egyptienne, Univers a sans. Stymie is reasonably close to Glypha, at least at first sight. A substitute for Inflex could be the Bitstreams Century 725 Bold or Black but no perfect match. At first glance some Bodoni faces also come close but look at the 'b' and you will see the difference. Read your mail
    1 matches comment I hope you have the Univers Light Ultra Condensed on board. It is also known as Zurich by Bitstream.
    4 matches comment Hi there, I'm recreating the poster for 'Dead Man's Shoes' for a college project and ideally want to do everything from scratch, so the font would be useful! Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment I would say Univers Black

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    Crack Man
    Old Man Eloquent
    Plastic Man
    Thin Man
    Old Man Eloquent Bold
    Sign Man JNL
    Thin Man-Drunk
    Peanut Butter Man
    Sign Man Oblique JNL
    WIP EU Macho Man
    Plastic Man Regular
    Crack Man Regular
    Old Man Eloquent Regular
    Too Much Coffee Man Complete Family Pack
    Univers Black
    Univers Bold
    Univers Cond
    Univers Exp
    Univers Light
    Univers Medium
    Univers Oblique
    Old Man Eloquent
    Univers Black Oblique
    Univers Bold Oblique
    Univers Cond Bold
    Univers Cond Light
    Univers Cond Oblique
    Univers Exp Black
    Univers Exp BlackObl
    Univers Exp Bold
    Univers Exp ExtraBlack
    Univers Exp Obl
    Univers Extra Black
    Univers Light Oblique
    Univers Ultra Cond
    Univers Cond Bold Oblique
    Univers Cond Light Oblique
    Univers Exp Bold Obl
    Univers Exp ExtraBlack Obl
    Univers Extr Black Obl
    Univers Ultra Cond Light
    Univers Ultra Cond Thin
    Thin Man Regular
    Peanut Butter Man Regular
    Los Alamos Fat Man
    Los Alamos Pro Fat Man
    Old Man Eloquent Bold
    Univers Volume
    Incy Wincy Spider Regular
    Univers Extended Volume
    Univers Complete Family Pack
    Univers Next Cyrillic Basic 2 Volume
    Univers Next Cyrillic Basic 3 Volume
    Univers Next Cyrillic Basic 4 Volume
    Univers Volume
    Univers Ultra Condensed &Extra Black Volume
    Univers® Basic Volume
    Univers® Black 75
    Univers® Light 45
    Griffo Classico™ Bold
    Griffo Classico™ Italic
    Griffo Classico™ Roman
    Griffo Classico™ Roman SC
    Strangelove Bombs
    Strangelove Family
    Strangelove Text
    CC Too Much Intl Coffee And Donuts
    Griffo Classico™ Bold Italic
    Stand By Action Stand By 4 Action
    Mayberry Volume
    Tahoma® SC
    Incy Wincy Spider Intl
    Mayberry® WGL Medium
    Griffo Classico Complete Family Pack
    Tahoma® Regular
    Mayberry® WGL Medium Italic
    Nina® Italic
    Nina® Regular
    Nina Multilingual Family
    Tahoma® Bold
    Wall Scrawler Complete Family Pack
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    Doohickey Complete Family Pack
    Tahoma Volume
    Tahoma Family
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    Dead Mans Complete Family Pack
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    Dear Diary Complete Family Pack
    Blah Blah Blah Complete Family Pack
    Piano Complete Family Pack
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    ManuscriptXIVCentury Complete Family Pack

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