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    5 matches comment Looks like Extra Ornamental with a stroke and Bickham Script below.
    1 matches comment Oh, good catch on the S's... although the second one looks like it could be the same as the first with a heavier stroke. The A, T, and S remind me vividly of a Christmas font, but the name escapes me. The M and N are definitely from the same family, and it looks like the A probably is too, with the way the broad stroke extends past the lighter one. I'm hoping the Christmas angle might help with discovery. Thanks!
    1 matches comment Hmmm. Well with the poor quality of the image, it would be hard to accuratly identify this typeface... It is difficult for me to decipher if there is any measure of stroke variation to the letter-shapes, or if that is just the grain/distortion blending into them. The image is also at an angle, but the letters appear to slant some degree as well... I am certain that these are not the exact fonts used in this image, but I did find two that are similar. As I stated prior, I was unable to decipher an existing stroke variation or lack thereof, hence; I came up with a suggestion for both possilities. A similar font with no variation of stroke is Futura Book Italic BT. Close, but I do not think it is exact. If there is infact a variation to the strokes, the closest suggestion I came up with is Optimum Roman Italic, but the letter u is different. Sorry I couldn't definitively identify that for you. Hope this helps. Do you think you could possibly re-post this again with a larger and better quality version of the image? That might help. :)
    1 matches comment Hello...I realize this may be a custom design for this linen company. I would like to know if any one can suggest a similar font. I'm only interested in the font that "Angelica" is. I don't want to "steal" anything that is copy-righted. Regards... Joanne F.
    1 matches comment Brush stroke plain - does anyone know if this is copyrighted for comercial use?
    2 matches comment There are only two versions of the Bradley Hand. The regular and the bold. If none fits your original may have been printed in letterpress with or too much pressure or too much ink. Maybe applying an extra stroke width on the regular is a solution.
    1 matches comment uploaded image no no no no....not TNR... Tilt curve on the R....look at how the stroke joins the Serifs...
    1 matches comment depends what program you are using.. in word you can bold stuff... in Photoshop you could stroke it to make it look bolder... etc...
    1 matches comment Don’t you think that happened just because of »let-the-letters-dance- and-heavily-stroke-them« or else?
    1 matches comment uploaded image For show. Othello outline by Solotype, 56pt with a 1px stroke and then filled. The Swallow did it again.

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