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    3 matches comment ! I am looking for a font to match the font I just had printed on some invitations. I am happy to purchase the font, but cannot find it anywhere. The name is called Seville and the company is Checkerboard Invitations. You can see the font online. I'd like to find this font or a close match would do too. http://www.checkernet.com/info/marketingmaterials/0003_Informational/Checkerboard-Typestyle-List.pdf?Cobrand=CB&Site=Checkernet&vk=1777211146
    1 matches comment Hello! I want reverse italics (you know how when you do italics it adjust the weighting to the right, well I want to adjust it to the left) for Calibri. Please provide. Thanks in advance, Panarchy PS: I'm using Office 2007 SP1
    1 matches comment The italics are not really italics, just oblique roman, and while I hope to find the correct version even jst the name would cut the deal for this client of mine. Can you name it? Grazie mille!
    1 matches comment One of the many Garamond Italics. Which one is difficult to say at this size. A larger image including the capital C would help.
    1 matches comment Big4 said: For headers I used style (under format) "TableMatrix", format"Times New Roman" and size "10". I also varied some headers with all caps or italics. What should I add?
    1 matches comment i am trying to find some left slanted or reverse italics. the only find was the aquaduct set. any help for more? please advise!
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #16434 Deslucida is a black eroded typography. • Only for personal use. • Numbers in my web. • Commercial version available with True Italics & Open Type Features: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2ez ======================
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16430 Dissolute is a typographical experiment, fusion of two sans fonts with different weights, for which I used my previous Typefaces: Tabarra Black & Light. • Only for personal use. • Numbers in my web. • Commercial version available with Italics: http://wp.me/p11PzK-2a6
    1 matches comment Hello everyone - I'm looking for the italics font that reads "North American Wildlife" in the top left corner. Any ideas ladies and gents?
    1 matches comment uploaded image - I'm hoping you can help me identify the 2 fonts in the attached document. - I was told that it was Minion Pro (Regular and Semibold Italics), but some of the ligatures and extensions do not match Minion Pro or any other font I can find. Please note the way the "f" and "i" in "find" flow together, and the double "ff" flourish. This differs from the original Adobe Minion Pro font:. If this is a bootlegged font, it's awfully sophisticated. - Eagerly awaiting your reply, and with thanks!

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