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    3 matches comment Hello, I have searched the interweb and the Abstract Fonts Forum for the two fonts used in the Beverly Hills 90210 - please see image attached - logo without any luck. Does anyone have an idea what they are? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance. JT.
    2 matches comment What font is the Beverly Hills Sign or something as close as possible? I have been trying to use something close to this for a business card but my designer can't find it anywhere. I read something about this being before digital, but there has to be a clone out there somewhere. Im working against a deadline. please help!
    2 matches comment view details for free font #14156 Yes, that was the fire that was.
    1 matches comment [quote]@Schwalben Koenig:There are so many places one can fall in love with.[/quote] Indeed. We definitely live on a beautiful planet. My father lives in Trieste and I live in Rome: close to Toscana and Marche and, most notably, the lovely Umbria. I a-do-re that land and the people are so nice. They've got a funny accent too, if you understand Italian. My car's GPS system is set with their dialect :D Ever been in Piemonte? If you like Toscana, you have to see the Asti countryside. Hills and hills, a rich soil with the most important Italian vineyards (and wines: Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo, Arneis etc.) and the grass is greener. Really. The Shire in the Lord of the Rings could have been filmed there – no offence for our friends from New Zealand. Have a nice day you too, Re :)
    2 matches comment Does anyone know the font used in the Beverly Hills Hotel sign? I have seem a couple of similar ones, Easter Parade and Iphengenia, but I was wondering if someone knows of a font closer to the original. Thanks
    1 matches comment Beverly Hills is Boomerang while the closest match for Guest Lodge is Paratype Reforma Grotesk
    1 matches comment OK Kirk, here you go: Bowell&beralta: Has potential. Before all, you must do something with the bearings and the WinAscent settings. Also have a look at the LT kerning pair. As is, it is a bit too sketchy to my liking. But I'm sure that when you redraw it with geometric shapes it will find it's use. Question: Why is the lowercase/alternate s not rounded, left bottom? Nice idea for the ampersand. You should correct the naming data. Koobz: Nicely made. Don't know what it could be used for. Maybe rethink the zero and did you notice the irregularity in the $? Again, the naming. Captain: Not on Dafont. Probably because there is already another one named Captain there. Not much to add to what you say yourself. But also here there seems to be something wrong with the bearings. On your site it looks better than this pict but still that w. Quickrite: Also not available for download. No comment, As you say, tons of those around. Yet, if this is how you write then this is how you write. SantaCarla: This one I really like. I can easily see it being used in a logotype. Just clean it up and you have a potential commercial one. Add the accents and put the alternates in a more logical place or make an alternates. Worthwhile. Again, the naming. Take out the garbage: Yes! Please!! The square thing: Nice as an experiment. Further useless. Oakland Hills 1991: Not my sort of type but there are surely enough out there who will like it. Have you considered to make the lower case letters a flame fill for the capitals? Again, the naming. Apocalypse fax: Reminds me of Crouwel's Stedelijk after a termite attack. Pee Pants (that started all this): Nice try. Clean it up and people will use it. No need to mumble about the naming, right? Decco Disco: Not available for download. One of many. Judging on the sample here, little consistency in letter design. Kitten Meat: What would The Kat think of that? Blog, the Impaler: Not available for download. Reminds me of the Wedgie.

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