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    1 matches comment Great, Alex, thanks for the effort, and thanks KKat for the suggestion. I was always wondering why someone had to stuff the ttf when the onlinemachine obviously was compressing it again. Anyway, good job. BTW, Alex, if you have sparetime and you don't know what to do: Would you mind to integrate something like "MyGroups"? You know, each AF-member could save the fonts in special groups for future reference. For instance someone wants to collect all fonts with "slashed zeros" he can creat a personal group named "slashed zeros" for himself and lateron chooses the appropriate font. Thanks for thinking about it.
    1 matches comment Thanks for the reply - What I am looking for is called a slashed zero & I have found quite a few fonts that suit. The search has ended. lol! Kerry
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16350 Carved, Slashed, and Sliced. A free sampler of the Lestatic font family with 23 styles available for purchase.
    1 matches comment Hello, I'm hoping there's some real font experts out there who can help me out with a problem i'm having. I'm working on a Photoshop project where I'm trying to recreate/alter an image and part of this image contains what I've already closely resembled as the WST_Engl font, which is largely associated with Windows. This wouldn't be the problem if I wasn't working on a MAC. I've scoured the internet and found downloads for the WST_Engl font but they're all a .FON file extension which isn't compatible with MACs. I tried changing the extension to .TTF and what-not, but I obviously knew that wouldn't work in hindsight. So I'm looking for suggestions. Does anyone know of any fonts that are 100% similar or know of anyway of getting a Windows-only font to work on a MAC? The thing that really sets WST_Engl apart from most other "somewhat similar" fonts is it's use of a slashed zero (top-right corner to bottom-right), "winged" capital I's and straight-legged/pointed-but-flattened-tip capital A's I don't expect anyone to really know this, but if someone does, you'd be saving my life.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #16534 6th Aniversario is a rounded condensed typography, handwritten and elegant, perfect for writing good advertising titles in graphic design of posters, flyers or publications in general where space saving and readability is required. Includes the Bitcoin symbol. Bitcoin symbol (ligatures): b# ========================== The Commercial version includes: - 492 glyphs. Latin Extended-A • OTF & TTF - 6th Aniversario font can be used unlimited for both Commercial and Personal projects. - OpenType Functions: Fractions, Alternate Annotation Forms, All Alternates, Superscript, Superiors, Slashed Zero, Superior letters, Localized Forms, Numbers Small Caps, Inferiors, Scientific Inferiors, Discretionary Ligatures, Numerators, Standard Ligatures, Subscript, Extended Fractions, Ordinals, Denominators, Oldstyle Figures, Historical Forms. ========================== FREE ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE FULL VERSION + COMMERCIAL LICENSE: http://wp.me/p11PzK-31l

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