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    8 matches comment Anyone know the designer of this font? Need to find out it's history for an Adobe Illustrator Class. Thanks
    5 matches comment I'm looking for a font that is like fiolex girls, but instead of little hearts, I want dog paw prints. Anyone know of anything like this? I don't want the pawprint font where each letter is inside its own full pawprint, but I just want the paws for accents like the hearts in fiolex girls. Thanks very much!
    1 matches comment I need the Windows XP upgrade fonts, is there any way i can get them free online without having to get XP (since it bites and all..)[/i:3301582a86]:( :confused: Some of these fonts are: False-Positive Fast Girls-A Cup Fast Girls-B Cup Fast Girls-C Cup Eatpoo Chubby EatPoo BIG CrustiEst CanadianPhotographer-Script Bermuda LP Open AIBritishWriting Allise Fast Girls-Wired For Speed Fast Girls-Wired For Support Ghettout ****er Physico Lovers & More....
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12009 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have just made a group of seven little girls headed to their firts Cheetah Girls concert so happy (and me to ;-))!!!!
    1 matches comment I hear you on that schwalberngkoingering My boss is not a designer, he's a dumb COO that likes to spice things up with funky fonts.
    2 matches comment What's the font type of the Bad Girls logo? I did a search but couldn't seem to find it.
    3 matches comment view details for free font #1204 sweet!]
    3 matches comment Please help me find this ID font!!! ah thank, i found it. It is Las Vegas D font
    1 matches comment So now you know Heron, when singapore girls want something they stop at nothing.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 you are too kind! :) i just try to keep you guys and girls happy

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