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    2 matches comment Not that uncommon jay. It is the Wendy Bold made into a cursive. Known as Wendy (Monotype) and Wendy LP (LetterPerfect) brought to us by Adobe Systems.
    3 matches comment Wendy is made by Agfa - Wendy Medium - a sample is available at http://fonts.ontheweb.com/fonts/w_4.html As for Script - I have no idea. There are heaps. We can probably do without that one. We've also found a reasonable substitute for Glypha - Univers does fine. Thanks!
    3 matches comment Better late than never, Wendy LP Bold.
    2 matches comment Hello everybody! Does any of you my colleagues have the Wendy Normal[/b:659fb652ab] font? I will appreciate if somebody could send it to me. Thanks!!!
    1 matches comment That is the Wendy, slightly compressed.
    1 matches comment @Uwe the script is the Wendy.
    2 matches comment If anyone has Slimbach std. bold italic, could you print out Pom Rescue.com and email it to me in adobe Illustrator? Thanks, Mary signbiz@bellsouth.net
    1 matches comment Wendy Bold for sure, but star was added
    1 matches comment Hello Similar: Legal™ Std Medium Font Alex
    1 matches comment uploaded image Mesquite Std - Typekit https://typekit.com/fonts/mesquite-std

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