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    10 matches comment can anyone suggest a freeware or shareware truetype font similar to frutiger condensed?
    10 matches comment Hi I'm looking bernard mt condensed for free or a similar font. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
    1 matches comment And the easy one is the Windsor.
    5 matches comment Is there anything close to Formata Condensed, available in TrueType? It doesn't need to be perfect, just looking to get close, the numbers in this font are a bit unique as well. Thank you in advance!
    4 matches comment view details for free font #12095 For softlad, cause a condensed version was needed.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11849 also known as Windsor Sword and many other names.
    5 matches comment uploaded image here's a sample, I mean the font used for writing "The Beauty Issue" caption, Arial or Helvetica super condensed.. but what is exactly and where to find it?
    2 matches comment Apparently it's Windsor Elongated from searching on Google. I've never watched a Woody Allen film to the end myself zzzzzzzzzzzzz. http://www.identifont.com/show?A94
    3 matches comment ! In need of an ID of the font used in this image. The exact typeface would be great but if not, I'd appreciate some recommendations for something similar. I've gone through the 'Condensed' category here but couldn't find anything suitable. Thanks in advance.
    4 matches comment It says Futura Condensed. What's wrong with that?

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    Windsor SB-XBold Condensed
    Windsor Light Condensed
    Windsor Light Condensed
    Windsor SB-Light Condensed
    Windsor EF Light Condensed
    Windsor EF Extra Bold Condensed
    Windsor Light Condensed
    Windsor D Bold
    Windsor D Regular
    Windsor Elongated
    Windsor Elongated
    Windsor Light
    Windsor Light
    Windsor MN Bold
    Windsor MN Elongated
    Windsor Outline
    Windsor Outline D
    Windsor SB-Bold
    Windsor SB-Elongated
    Windsor SB-Light
    Windsor EF Bold
    Windsor EF Elongated
    Windsor EF Light
    Windsor Antique D Bold
    Windsor D Ultra Heavy
    Windsor SB-Bold Outline
    Windsor SB-Ultra Heavy
    Windsor (Mec) Volume
    Windsor Elongated (Mec)
    Windsor EF Bold Outline
    Windsor EF Ultra Heavy
    Beton SB-XBold Condensed
    Beton SH-XBold Condensed
    Windsor D Cond Extra Bold
    URW Windsor Volume
    Windsor Light
    Windsor Roman
    Windsor Bold (Mec)
    Windsor Elongated
    Windsor Outline
    EF Windsor 1 Volume
    EF Windsor 2 Volume
    EF Windsor 3 Volume
    SG Windsor SB Volume
    EF Kaufmann Windsor Volume
    Windsor Complete Family Pack
    Windsor Complete Family Pack
    Americana SB-XBold
    Baskerville TS-XBold
    Belfast TS-XBold
    Bernstein TS-XBold
    Beton SB-XBold
    Beton SH-XBold
    Bodoni SB-XBold
    Bodoni SH-XBold
    Bodoni TS-XBold
    Casablanca TS-XBold
    Casad TS-XBold
    Castle TS-XBold
    Caxton SH-XBold
    Congress TS-XBold
    Denver TS-XBold
    Diamante TS-XBold
    Dragon TS-XBold
    Egyptia XBold
    Enschede TS-XBold
    Florida TS-XBold
    Formula TS-XBold
    Futura SB-XBold
    Futura SH-XBold
    Futura TS XBold
    Gascogne TS-XBold
    Glasgow TS-XBold
    Goudy TS-XBold
    Granby SB XBold
    Grenoble TS-XBold
    Hamburg TS-XBold
    Hoboken TS-XBold
    Media TS-XBold
    Mediaeval SB-XBold
    Mondial Plus Xbold
    Napoli TS-XBold
    Penthouse TS-XBold
    Plymouth TS-XBold
    Ragtime TS-XBold
    Ravenna TS-XBold
    Riccione TS-XBold
    Rochester TS-XBold
    Romic SH-XBold
    Roundest TS-XBold
    Salzburg TS-XBold
    Toledo TS-XBold
    Veracruz TS-XBold
    Verona SB-XBold
    Verona TS-XBold
    Volkswagen TS-XBold
    Worchester TS-XBold

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